About This Site

Hi...I guess I should explain that this site is both personal and not at the same time. On some level, I hope that other kendo students find this site, and it helps them in some way. However, I find it more to be a personal journey for me. I hope to be able to flesh out the gallery with pictures and videos of my dojang, to promote promising vendors like E-bogu, to help educate like in our about Hapkido and about Kendo pages, and to really just document my martial arts journey. I really believe that martial arts is a life long journey. And I hope that as I grow in that respect, so does this website. Right now, I'm still trying to feel out what this site should be, and why people should come here. If I really think traffic starts to pickup, I may open a question and answer section at some point (heck, I might just do it so that I can test my coding skills). If you're starting kendo at our dojang, you probably want to check out the Shopping Guide as it has links and comments on just about everything you need/want to buy for Kendo.

Post COVID Classes are restarting March 18th, 2023!

It may not be a very large update in some regard, but I wanted to start making more regular updates to this site. What are we doing, how is it going, etc. Also adding the Shopping Guide reference needs to be on the home page so that i don't keep losing it!

A new start with video plus testing from March 19th, 2016 손목 머리 전통합기도

So I got pretty frustrated with this site and the ability or lack there of to create thumbnails and video, and that led me to abandon the website part for a little bit. Plus, the birth of my son in December 2015 led to me having a lot less free time to dump into it. However, at the belt testing in March, Brian Porter showed up, and had the brilliantly simple idea of using the iPhone's "slow motion" feature to capture some of the kendo videos. It was an awesome idea, with some great results. Rather than trying to host video myself, I've let YouTube manage them. So if you're here (I dunno how), try checking my still under construction video page. Where I hope to have lots of links (dare I have embedded videos?) of Doug and I performing out Kendo demonstration. Please keep in mind that Doug and I both consider ourselves Novices as we slowly try to bring a Kendo program to our dojang.

Testing scheduled for this Saturday September 26th, 2015

This Saturday I will be testing for and hopefully receiving my 3rd Degree Black Belt in Hapkido under Grandmaster Ma. I'm pretty excited to be able to hold such a prestigious honor. However, I do still feel I have a lot to do before I can live up to something like that as well. I think that urgency of sorts is part of what's spurring me on to keep working on this page. Not only do I hope to be able to share my accomplishment(s) with others, but I want to somehow give back to the Martial Arts community. There aren't a lot of Hapkido or Kendo websites out there, and most that are out there are trying to sell you on something or persuade you that their martial art is best, but that's another rant. I'm just excited for now.

About Me...

John A. Lillard
쟌 리어드
ジョン リラード

Traditional Martial Arts

Height: 6'2" (178cm)

Weight: 285lbs (129kg) (20.35st)